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Re: More info on Inferno


I am looking for more information in three areas:
	1) the Styx protocol
	2) how Inferno handles communication between client/server
	3) mounting and binding between client/server (namespace).
		a) Maybe just examples of namespace files that show examples
		   of mounting and binding of client to the server.

The information on the Inferno homepage does a nice job of explaining 
these areas already, but after reading these files, I feel my lips have 
only been moistened.

All three of those areas kinda fall together but if there is more 
information available, I would appreciate the chance to read it over.

++ Chad,
++ 	I am a member of the Inferno documentation team.
++ 	We have several projects in the works.
++ 	What is your most pressing need? (Besides ``more'.)
++ Steven
++ Steven R. Breitstein	MH 6F-200A	908-582-3497	breitstein@lucent.com
++ >I was wondering if any more documentation on and about Inferno/Limbo exists 
++ >other than the 2.6meg compressed files on the inferno site?
++ >
++ >Chad

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