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Re: GUI builder, alliances, openness

Porttikiven Anssi wrote:
> Keith J. Cambra wrote:
> > so what do you think is needed for Inferno to "over take"
> >Java in the marketplace
> ...
> > a good GUI builder? ...
If it was only that easy!
> A GUI builder (as well as Java support and a major string handling
> speedup, probably a measured bottleneck of the 0.2 system) is promised
> in the "what we are implementing now" section of the beta 0.2 docs.
> What is needed is some street credibility within the microcomputer
> industry, major business alliances and
> a substantial investment in initial application development work.
What might need some evangelism is 
- the architecture of Inferno and how computing will never be the same
  once you start drinking "Inferno"
- *not* being OO is *not* a bad thing (may be it is better!)
What I think as necessary
- source code to all utilities (seed the market)
- a powerful graphics library without performance penalty
- the price of the OS + tools + utils under $99.95
- rudimentary developer tools (but complete)
> I also expect a public clarification of the openness of Inferno. Lucent
> people here admitted that Inferno is less open than Java. How, why, and
> can you be so arrogant to think you can afford to be that or even to be
> perceived that?
What's wrong with that? atleast there is less smoke now!
> Probably the source code will remain a sales item (it is interesting to
> speculate on other forms of income, though), but should you not give the
> control of the architecture spesification to a public consortium? Don't
> you trust in your professional authority to steer it to the right
> direction, anyway?
> I don't really know if this has any practical meaning from the point of
> encouraging third party investment to the Inferno hype, but it would be
> a nice PR stunt. It would prove you are not arrogant or ignorant of the
> market's needs, both perceived and real.
One more challenge for Carleton Fiorina. (she must first think that 
Inferno revenues will turn out to be a significant part of $22 billion
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