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GUI builder, alliances, openness

Keith J. Cambra wrote:
> so what do you think is needed for Inferno to "over take"
>Java in the marketplace
> a good GUI builder? ...

A GUI builder (as well as Java support and a major string handling
speedup, probably a measured bottleneck of the 0.2 system) is promised
in the "what we are implementing now" section of the beta 0.2 docs.

What is needed is some street credibility within the microcomputer
industry, major business alliances and
a substantial investment in initial application development work. 

I also expect a public clarification of the openness of Inferno. Lucent
people here admitted that Inferno is less open than Java. How, why, and
can you be so arrogant to think you can afford to be that or even to be
perceived that?

Probably the source code will remain a sales item (it is interesting to
speculate on other forms of income, though), but should you not give the
control of the architecture spesification to a public consortium? Don't
you trust in your professional authority to steer it to the right
direction, anyway? 

I don't really know if this has any practical meaning from the point of
encouraging third party investment to the Inferno hype, but it would be
a nice PR stunt. It would prove you are not arrogant or ignorant of the
market's needs, both perceived and real.