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RE: some dumb questions

From: 	rob@plan9.bell-labs.com[SMTP:rob@plan9.bell-labs.com]
>> 2. Is there a better limbo editor than Notepad?=20
>Yes, but it won't be available until the next build gets out, which is =
>suspended while the crowd packaging it attends Comdex.  The editor is =
>Brutus, and it's intended to become the main editor for the system.  It =
>fonts - it's being used to write the Inferno programming book - and can =
>HTML, tex, etc. as well as plain text, but has a WYSIKWYG (what you see =
is kinda

	A WYSIWYG editor that could read and product LaTeX2e would be very =
nice.  My organization was thinking about writing one of these to better =
provide for some of our documents that are in LaTeX.  If more =
information about Brutus becomes available, I would like to know about =


Justin (jhitt@osn.net)
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