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Q: CM Tools for Inferno

As part of the development process, tracking code versions is pretty =
important.  Are there any configuration management (CM) tools for =
Inferno yet?  I currently use CVS for the UNIX machines, but would like =
to use it under the Inferno environments also.

No CM tools makes development difficult.  And since I can not readily =
compile and run GNU tools, rapid prototyping is not going to work under =
Inferno.  Please let me know what anyone thinks about these issues, and =
if anyone has any suggestion.

I may just have to do my CM in my UNIX environments.

Justin (jhitt@osn.net)

Open Systems Networking, Inc.  (http://www.osn.net) =20
voice: 301-475-8721 fax: 301-475-0324