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Re: Apple

> This is no time for cowardness and thinking small, Lucent! Buy Apple and 
> build the Inferno empire! There won't be a second chance.

Yeah, right!  Bob Allen kept trying to do this for AT&T (3 times a failure)
and now you think that it will be any different for Lucent.  I don't think
so.  Inferno comes out of core Bell Labs.  Lucent is managed buy a bunch of
Telecom guys who can't seem to figure out the computer industry.  Or so it
seems.  I worked for Bell Labs for 10 years at a manufacturing location in
North Andover, MA.  From what I learned about the way AT&T/Lucent did business
they are better off sticking with their core competency of Telecom systems.

Just my two cents.
 Alex Carr