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Q: Connecting to remote system.

I have found a Sparc10 running Solaris 2.5.1, and a Win95.  I am trying =
to connect these two systems using inferno, to do a little testing.  I =
get the Solaris box up with ``emu'', and the following:

bind '#I' /net

My Win95 box can not connect to the Solaris box.  I get the following on =
the Solaris box.

New client (STYX): /net/tcp/5!1313
bad message type in exportproc

I can do a ``getauthinfo'' from the Win95 box (using the Solaris box as =
the Signer) and it works correctly.  I can also make another emu window =
on the Win95 box, and clone the Solaris environment.  This gives me a =
good connection with the remote directory tool.

There are some network differences between the two emu sessions.  The =
emu sessions on the Win95 box are using loopback, and between the Win95 =
box -> Solaris I use a dial-up line over the internet.

If anyone knows what is going on, please let me know.

Justin (jhitt@osn.net)

Open Systems Networking, Inc.  (http://www.osn.net) =20
voice: 301-475-8721 fax: 301-475-0324