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Re: WebATM and Inferno?

Implement message;
Dreaded Synthax; = (2 Synatax error)

Thats the worst one  since it tells nothing except that there's something wrong 
A dozen plus years ago VAX Fortran had a mode where it would look for
missing commas, parenthesis, etc and suggest where maybe they should be put

Did we regress?

Many of the other messages are a bit clearere though you can get things like
incomplete adt definition as another less than plain error

I'll provide more examples later -- but I gotta go now

we're in the process of finishing up an Inferno based demo for Comdex (opens
on Monday today is Thursday)

ted kochanski

At 07:10 PM 11/14/96 GMT, you wrote:
>>>sorry about the rambling -- but its getting frustrating working with Limbo
>>>in its current state -- particularly the lousy realtively uninteligible
>>>message from Limbo and occasional Run time diagnostic messages
>i am curious to see some examples of the unintelligible
>compiler messages, because apart from the dreaded `syntax error',
>where more could, should and probably will be done,
>i've thought the messages i've seen were detailed and precise.
>i'd find it helpful for various reasons to see some examples of
>the opposite.
>it's worth explaining that i work in the Acme environment on Plan 9,
>so with the click of a mouse button on a diagnostic in an Error window,
>the source window flicks to the right place.
>without that, moving from diagnostic to source would be tedious.
>although i've not used it, i've watched people using Visual C++
>and Acme is definitely smoother within its scope.
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