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Re: WebATM and Inferno?

>>sorry about the rambling -- but its getting frustrating working with Limbo
>>in its current state -- particularly the lousy realtively uninteligible
>>message from Limbo and occasional Run time diagnostic messages

i am curious to see some examples of the unintelligible
compiler messages, because apart from the dreaded `syntax error',
where more could, should and probably will be done,
i've thought the messages i've seen were detailed and precise.
i'd find it helpful for various reasons to see some examples of
the opposite.

it's worth explaining that i work in the Acme environment on Plan 9,
so with the click of a mouse button on a diagnostic in an Error window,
the source window flicks to the right place.
without that, moving from diagnostic to source would be tedious.
although i've not used it, i've watched people using Visual C++
and Acme is definitely smoother within its scope.