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Re: Apple looking for an OS

>ah, besides the non-existence of word from lucent
>about a powermac port, the clear admission from
>rob pike about looking for volunteers to implement
>all the known apple quicktime codecs (this
>can be done to a small extent by porting 'xanim'
>from C to limbo), it doesn't sound like inferno
>is in the running.

I don't see how porting the high level parts of Apple OS environment to 
 Inferno should be difficult, given a couple of million $ and a herd of 
programmers. All you need is a few Apple community favourite programmer 
tools targeting Dis. Then the application producers can just recompile their 
forecoming new version to Apple-Inferno.

It would be such big news and it would keep the hype up and seed capital 
flowing to an emerging Inferno industry for a year or so, which would be 
plenty of time to do it. Explaining Inferno to the general public will take 
that time anyway. Just enough that Netscape and Microsoft software will 
meanwhile grow to choke in their own "complextupidity". (Hey, I invented a 
much needed word!)

They will expose their inherent inability to work as a flexible and secure, 
network OS. They will demonstrate they inability to rethink what the 
Internet 2.0 will be all about. Soon they are the legacy systems. Well, 
actually I trust Mr. Gates will be smart and humble enough to reinvent his 
business once again, making money as an Inferno application developer.

You think this is sci-fi? Just watch it actually happen!

>besides, does inferno address the "real time"
>concerns [?]

I think it does. After all, the macho words "real time" mean nothing more 
than predictably timed process scheduling and event handling, ability to 
match events to a "real" wall clock, with reasonable precision. Often the 
phrase is used to mean "small, fast and flexible enough software suitable 
for embedded hardware control", which holds for Inferno.

>you know, if bell labs
>had ever established an r&d sandbox out
>here on the west coast and hired a few
>ex-microsoft marketers [but with what?  telephone
>company stock options?], they'd have better
>connections with the people who really
>generate products.

Well, what do I know, here I never got even to the west cost of Finland. 
;-). But I would rather see this particular telephone company getting some 
professional microcomputer industry help. The Apple community would suit 
just fine both as a market base, as a marketing partner towards third 
parties and as a multimedia, user interface and general application 
development partner.

Fortunately Lucent has Inferno so that they don't have to trade with stock 
options ;-) They might instead be interested in the Apple stock, which is 
pretty cheap these days, considering the bright future of Apple as a 
forecoming Inferno company.