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re: Limbo, here I come !!

until the books and courses arrive, i suggest you work through
the source in /appl, and also to forget about C while doing so.
you'll see a variety of styles and ideas (and perhaps
even sense others coming to grips with the language too).

although it obviously owes something to C in the syntax of
expressions and statements, and is lean too, Limbo encourages a different
approach and style in many ways, notably in the use of arrays,
strings, tuples and channels.  being able to rely on predictable
garbage collection can lead to big changes in design compared to C (or Java).

the definition and use of Sys->file2chan is another good
example, because the interface is tiny -- just a few lines --
but does much.  note in particular its use of a shared channel
to deliver as part of a tuple a private channel for a reply.

don't forget that Limbo isn't the end of the story:
it is neatly embedded in a clean environment designed to help you
structure and assemble distributed applications.
sometimes you're better off when you're in a bind.