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Wanted Limbo & Inferno programming for hire price negotiable -- time of the essense

Greetings to all,

I've got an immediate need for an experienced Limbo/Inferno programmer who
is availbale for the next 2 weeks to help us build our Inferno based
application in time for the Comdex show. -- Latest possible deadline
November 15 PM.

Price is negotiable -- Time is of the essensence

We would prefer someone in the New Jersey, New York, Southern New England
area so that we can have at least on physical meeting and more if necessary
before the show.

However, we are willing to depend on electronic and Fedex communications if
necessary in order to insure that what needs to be done gets done in time.

Key requirements are:

familiarity with the Tk and Prefab graphics
familiarity with Inferno running either native or as emu on PC platform
familiarity with serial and sound devices under Inferno on any PC platform

Any interested parties -- please reply to 
ted kochanski
as below

thanks for your interest
Ted Kochanski, Ph.D.
Sensors Signals Systems  ---  "Systematic Solutions to Complex Problems"
e-mail tpk@sensorsys.com   phone (617) 861-6167  fax  861-0476
11 Aerial St., Lexington, MA 02173