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Re: Boston Area Inferno - Intererests

In <199610182035.UAA02078@interstice.com>, tedk wrote:
>To All within the broadly defined Boston Area (NH, MA, VT, CT, ME)
>within 2
>hrs of MIT or so
>I'm currently involved with trying to organize a get together on
>Inferno in
>the Boston Area -- probably at MIT
>I'd like to elicit ideas for possible speakers, demos etc
>Potentially this could evolve into a regular group and also possibly a
>time seminar during the Electon Industies Forum of new england -- May
>6, 7,
>8 in Boston
>Any interested parties -- local or otherwise please give me some
>ted kochanski
>Boston Area Inferno Evangelist
>ps I'm also involved with the successor group to the BCS which could
>the previously mentioned Inferno SIG if it were to exist
>                        Ted
>Ted Kochanski, Ph.D.
>Sensors Signals Systems  ---  "Systematic Solutions to Complex
>e-mail tpk@sensorsys.com   phone (617) 861-6167  fax  861-0476
>11 Aerial St., Lexington, MA 02173


Super work!  We'd certainly want to attend.  Also, I have an idea for
a possible speaker.  We have a customer in the UK that has used
Inferno to develop an interactive gaming network management
environment.  They have used inferno to completely minimize network
latency and, therefore, facilitate true, real time gaming.

you will meet these people at COMDEX.

Also, GIN QUA told me all is moving forward.  please continue to work
w/gin.  he is also responsible for setting your lodging so contact him
to discuss.

sam paone
908 582 3708