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re: Styx for file sharing and non-Inferno pr

>>>>Do you have plans to provide Styx interface libraries for non-Inferno 
>>>>programming environments?

>>i do.

sorry, i was rushing past when i sent this, and only noticed later that the
obviously meant only the Lucent people.

providing a Styx server on a non-Inferno machine is straightforward, and is
being done now outside Lucent based on what's already available.  full
authentication probably does
need something more (i'm not sure yet).  for a common case of Styx service
where the client/fid handling has a stylised form, a small library would be

full client side support to allow file sharing is more involved, since the
scope and implementation details depend entirely on what is provided by the
non-Inferno operating system.  there are many possible strategies, with
trade-offs, all of which the Newcastle Connection people worked through
years ago.
again, with the possible exception of full authentication, there's enough
available to do that now if you like, without requiring Lucent to do the work.

having said that, many of the Inferno advantages are intensified as the Styx
becomes pervasive, and it seems sensible for Lucent to make it easy to
maximise Styx coverage on both Inferno and non-Inferno machines!
my point is really that Lucent will probably target the obvious platforms first,
and if your platform is left out, is somehow peculiar, or you just can't wait,
it can be done.  that's one of the nice things about having a lean little
protocol to assemble an environment, rather than a big complex buzzword
oriented model.

now, watch me prove myself wrong ...