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Re: 3rd party browsers and Dis-files/Inferno

Porttikivi Anssi NRC/Hki wrote:
> When will we have a Netscape/Explorer plug-in to run Inferno applications?
> Or how about just an EXE-file which would act as a MIME "helper", doing the
> following: if Inferno is running, add a process running the referenced code
> file, otherwise start Inferno and load the code.

This would be a great way for us lay folks to get acquainted with
Inferno. My company is just beginning to look at Inferno as an
alternative (or perhaps enhancement of) our Java-based WebATM
transaction system via our proposed "WebATM CabinCruiser(TM)" -- see
illustration and general specs at 

We are also looking for hardware integration solutions to help us piece
this beast together and make it affordable for subsidized "loyalty"
distribution, visa vis cell phones and caller ID devices. Please let me
know if you have suggestions.

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