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re: newbie q's, sorry...

>sorry to trouble you, but... having spent 9 months implementing an
>x-platform java system, and bruising myself in the process, i've just
>downloaded inferno & limbo. i'm impressed, thus far, with [the potential
>of] both of these, but:
glad you like it.

>1. when will inferno be released, and what can we expect then?
what's out now at http://inferno.lucent.com is a beta. expect
lots of things that don't work right now to be fixed as well as
new ports. most of the work thats going on at the moment is to
make things smooth - prove scalability and making things a little
more robust. I solicit any suggestions for improvement.

>2. is the limbo specification in the public domain? (and where is it?)
The specification of the language is given in the reference manual
in the documentation in the distribution.