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Re: Info?

>>Novell is admiting failure on thier own NEST product if they support 
> big companies have many divisions and also hedge their bets.
> more depressing is that we end up with yet another interface.
> someday we'll rediscover abstraction.

It would be nice if companies would adhere to an abstract standard so 
that, with minor modifications, most any objects could communicate 
with each other.  But this is not a NICE world, because you have 
companies like IBM who, it seems, have two rules:

1.   If there is a standard, break it and make up your own.
2.   If there is no standard, make up your own and don't release any 
      information on it.

> for instance, if i see yet another RFC describing a protocol that
> implements a mangled name space, badly, i'll scream.
> there must be dozens of the half-baked things by now.

Yeesh!  Name space....how many different ways can we implement 
that one.....

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