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(no subject)

>>>owner-inferno@interstice.com said:
 > A new subscriber to the list has made a request. The mailing list is not
 > archived at present, so there's no way to see some of the Limbo code
 > examples that have been posted in the last month. Since there's so many new
 > subscribers to this list, I'd like to ask people who have written programs
 > to repost them here, or list a URL where the programs can be found on the
 > Web. Also, if I can make them available on the Vanni Fucci web site, let me
 > know.

The "mc" multicolumn program I wrote can be found through my WWW page, 
If it's put on Vanni Fucci, that's fine with me.


Berry Kercheval :: kerch@parc.xerox.com :: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center