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re: inferno tk differences/features

>p.s. what's the status on posting source to modified commands to the list ?
>i've changed wish slightly, so that in interactive mode it
>predefines a channel 'echo' so that one can see some feedback
>from actions. if it was alright, i'd make this available to
>others who might find it useful.

As a general rule if there is >30% our code post diff's otherwise
post the whole thing. I'd like to see a fairly free exchange of

On the Tk issues:

i've encountered a number of differences between the Tk 4.0 docs
and the inferno Tk implementation that don't seem to be mentioned
in the Tk appendix. please bear in mind that i haven't used Tk before;
these comments don't relate to any implementation of Tk other than
inferno's, and i haven't referred to any documentation except that
provided in the Tk 4.1 release and that provided with inferno, so
some of these points are probably completely misguided.

the bracket notation doesn't seem to work at all.
the documentation seems to imply that :
   pack [button .b -text hello]
should evaluate {button .b -text hello} as a command string
and pass the resulting value (.b) as an argument to pack.
this doesn't happen.

>canvas configure with no arguments doesn't return a list of all
>possible options (i think this probably applies to all configures)
will fix

>the image create command doesn't return the name of the newly created
will fix

>in image(n), under image create, it states :
>  If an image already exists by the given name then it is replaced
>  with the new image and any instances of that image will redisplay
>  with the new contents.
>this doesn't appear to happen (any current instances remain the same)
will fix

>listbox doesn't support extended mode. browse mode doesn't appear to
>allow deselection of entries. do key modifications to mouse events
>work in listboxes ?
there are plenty of differences in the bindings. we will try
and do a better job of documenting them. The event mechanism
is substantially different from X - its much easier to port
to other OS's but I admit less flexible. It's one of the places
where I chose smaller code/implementation against compatibility.

>the canvas gettags command doesn't seem to work correctly.
>it just returns the tag that you've asked it to get.
>if there are many items in the canvas that contain a
>particular tag t, {.canvas gettags t} returns a list
>containing 't' replicated by the number of items that
>contain it, where according to the man page, it should return
>all the tags associated with the first item in the display
>list containing t.
I think I misunderstood the manual. I had never used tk
before writing this code. I will make it do what the
manual says.

We have had lots of problems with the Lucent external DNS
servers as we split from AT&T on Sept. 30. Bear with us -
we dont control the outside network routers.