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sam on inferno beta.2


is sam supposed to function in the beta.2 release?  i get

blah$ wm/sam
can't exec sam -R
couldn't start samstub

a change to /appl/wm/samstub.b at line 125 or so

	# Start the Command
	n = sys->fprint(ctl, "exec " + SAM);
	if (n <= 0) {
		fprint(stderr, "can't exec %s: %r\n", SAM);
		return (nil, nil);


blah$ wm/sam
can't exec sam -R: No such process
couldn't start samstub

i've been able to figure out a few problems with the inferno beta on
my own, but this one has me stumped.  perhaps this is more of a conceptual
problem than anything else -- i don't see why the exec is failing.

tiring of win95/dos' edit,

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