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>Lucent has been very lazy to market Inferno. Why? This is exactly the 
>opposite strategy than, say, Sun and Javasoft use. Regardless of the quality 
>of the product I guess you should try to convince everybody and his mother 
>as early as possible.
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I think it's too early to say that Inferno isn't being marketed well. Java
had a one-person marketing staff for a long time (Kim Polese, now of
Marimba), and I don't think its success was really born of marketing. It was
distributed for free, and had the benefit of the World Wide Web as a way to
build interest. If Inferno is good, I think it will find the audience. Java
has turned a lot of programmers on to distributed programming. If Inferno
does it better, that
will come out. This is still very early in the process. The first Inferno
books haven't even hit the stores yet!

Rogers Cadenhead