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re: inferno for real-time, presentation


Could you elaborate on this? People at our lab have created the Octopus 
design methodology for object oriented real-time software design. People 
here are probably interested in Inferno's suitability to real-time tasks.

Personally I don't even understand what "real time" means, if it is not just 
the need to time events precicesly to a real time wall clock in a time 
sliced process environment. Often people say "real-time" when they just mean 
"hardware intefacing".

BTW, I am going to present an Inferno demo. Do you have any good trick ideas 
to blow the minds of the audience?

P.S. Please sign your mail! I use a mail system which hides the header 
address, showing only the list address. I guess others could have the 
problem, too.