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RE: Inferno newsgroup

Richard, <rogers@prefect.com>,  wrote:
>Should there be separate Inferno and Limbo groups, as shown above?

I think yes, because the volume will soon grow to heavens.

It is a strange feeling when you see a  tidal wave on the sea, just about to 
hit the shore (of the island of Java?) and  (almost) nobody else sees it. I 
wish I had money to invest in Inferno related activities.

The battle of Java vs. Inferno will soon prove, that "mindshare" is as cheap 
as talk has always been. Technological excellence wil prevail over 
conformist cliches and short lived fashions of the day.  Charles Hoare once 
said, criticizing Ada,  that any software design, no matter how complex and 
bad, can be implemented with enough of money. And indeed, Ada became a 
"success". Less funny is that the worst complexity of Ada as perceived by 
Hoare, the exception handling, caused the recent explosion of Ariane 5.