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Re: Inferno Availability

>>>DA said:
 > Yes, finally it is available for Plan9, Windows9, NT3.5, NT4.0, Irix5.2 
 > and Solaris2.5.

If I recall correctly, it's available for Irix 5.3, and will NOT run on 5.2.
I discovered this the hard way -- my Indy runs 5.2 and inferno no workee.
emu hangs before the prompt comes up.  I'm running on a Solaris 2.5 
SparcCenter 1000 instead, displaying remotely.

Phil said they *could* make a 5.2 version, but I said not to if it was 
just for me.  If there's demand, I bet a version will appear.


Berry Kercheval :: kerch@parc.xerox.com :: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center