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Looking for opinions on Styx...

I was looking over the Styx documentation from the Lucent site, and was
looking for opinions from people who have worked with the Plan 9 file
system concerning the file name size.

On the face of it, this might seem like a silly question, but if I read
the documentation correctly, the longest a filename can be is 27 characters
(without terminator.)  Now, if I was only doing file names with this, I
would not think about the issue, but from the way things are looking, 
Inferno will be using the file system for more than just 'files'.

If I was doing an HTTP file system, so I could access files from a WWW
site by "/http/www.lifestylesdirect.com:80/index.html" for instance, then
I become more aware of the 27 character limitation.  
"www.lifestylesdirect.com:80" is 27 characters along.  (The WWW site does
exist, BTW.)  

Looking through the documentation for Plan 9 and other sources, I see 
how that was gotten around with the ftpfs and the /net/tcp device.  It 
just feels like a limitation.  Has anyone who has worked with 9P and 
tried to develop a new file system comment on this?  Suggestions for
working around it?


(Another upcoming interesting one is IPv6 - An IPv4 address, at max, is 
15 characters: 
An IPv6 address max in the colon separated hex notation is 39 characters:

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