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Re: Inferno release

rob@plan9.bell-labs.com (Rob Pike) wrote:
 >We had planned to make a beta release of Inferno available on August 1,
 >but the Commerce Department of the U.S. Government must grant approval
 >for the security features in the system.  We don't want to release a version
 >of the system with security disabled, so we must wait for Commerce approval,
 >which should take two or three weeks.

Has the Commerce Department given you indication that it only will
take three weeks? Considering that PGP is still embroiled in
controversy with the federal government over whether it can be
exported, after several years, I'm wondering if this is a similar
case. (If so, it must be a good sign about your security if the U.S.
government wants a say in whether Latvians and Byelorussians can have
access to it).

Rogers Cadenhead

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