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what are the chances of Lucent doing something like this for inferno so we 
can get quality persistance of objects?

>a short description of what ObjectDesign (ODI) is doing with Sun and
>their Java interface to their ORB
>Sun chose ODI in 1992 to supply the ODB  technology used in NEO, Sun's
>ORB. Sun has built a Java interface to NEO called Java Joe.
>Sun has built an ObjectStore adapter to Java Joe which they will be
>releasing in source and demo form at ObjectWorld in late August. The
>demo shows how you can use Java Joe to query an ObjectStore database
>In June 1992, Object Design and Sun signed an agreement for Object
>Design to supply an object database engine to Sun for incorporation
>into a product line that was eventually shipped in production in
>1995. The object database engine was called PSM-E, which stands for
>Persistent Storage Manager - Engine. Sun's product was internally
>named DOE (Distributed Objects Everywhere) until it's formal
>introduction last year as NEO (Network Enterprise Objects)
>NEO is Sun's object request broker. The PSM-E is a light weight engine
>without the full functionality of ObjectStore and has a different API,
>based on IDL.
>Sun originally planned to ship NEO with every copy of Solaris, but
>this has not  eventuated. Every copy of NEO, however, does use
>ObjectDesign technology for  object storage.
>Recently, Sun has agreed to integrate ObjectStore with Java Joe,
>Sun's Java interface to their ORB.
>Sun and ODI also announced they were the first Object Database
>vendor to support JDBC, Sun's Java Database Connectivity Standard.
>ODI were given the opportunity to write the spec for the direct Java
>binding to object oriented databases. Object Design did write the spec
>which has been approved by ODMG and JavaSoft as the standard interface
>for databases.