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Inferno On The ARM Processor.

Does any have any more details about Inferno running on an ARM
processor?  It's mentioned on http://www.lucent.com/inferno/manual/
overvie2.html, but not listed on the download page.  (The ARM processor
is used in an implementation of Oracle's Network Computer (wrong
title?) and was developed by ARM Ltd of Cambridge, England.)

Details I'm interested in include:

    Is Lucent doing the port alone or with support from ARM Ltd?

    Does it run as an application under a native operating system (like
    RISC OS) or directly on the hardware (I suspect the latter).

    Will a download version be available?

Thanks for any answers the list can provide.  I mailed
belllabs@emsr.lucent.com a little while ago, but my questions are
obviously general interest rather than money making and therefore low


Ralph Corderoy.  ralphc@sps.siemens.co.uk.  Phone: UK 01202-408769.
    Siemens Plessey Systems, Grange Road, Christchurch, Dorset. BH23 4JE