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i haven't seen any posts on this list, so excuse me if
i lower the tone...

i was wondering about a couple of limbo-related points,
and raised a couple of questions on the 9fans list.
maybe someone here has some ideas, or some discussion points.

is there a security reason why limbo doesn't support any sort of
polymorphism at all, even unions ?

it seems slightly surprising, as Alef seemed to provide quite a
nice form of polymorphism which looked as if it might adapt quite
well to a language such as limbo; it could also provide a nice
mechanism for dealing with variable argument lists.

also, what's the reason for '.' binding tighter than '->' ?
m->(Module->Type).function() seems rather contrived; the second
reference to the Module type is surely unnecessary because Type
has always got to be declared at the top level within m, so
m->Type.function() is unambiguous (and seems more intuitive, to me
at least)