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Inferno advocacy

Hi Rogers and other Inferno list-goers!

You said your mail to me bounces, but this one got through:
>From: Rogers Cadenhead
>To: Anssi Porttikivi
>Subject: Re: Inferno
>Date: 5. July 1996 6:00
>Can you post this to the Inferno mailing list at [...]

Sure you could post my rant but it already appeared in comp.os.plan9 and in 
It is good _you_ posted it so nobody thinks I am spamming...

Nice to see people hopping on the Inferno bandwagon! Maybe I am not crazy, 
after all? As I have said in a local discussion:

>I have seen the light five times in my life: when I programmed the Apple II 
high resolution >graphics in 1978, when I saw the "Unix license plate" 
("live free or die") in 1982, when I >realised I could talk to all the world 
with USENET news in 1983,  when I first used a mouse >on a Macintosh in 1984 
and when I launched the NCSA Mosaic in 1993 and found that the >Help menu 
actually fetched the documents from the network!
>I think Inferno might soon turn out to be bigger than any of those.