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I: Re: Release date for Inferno beta?

At 07:57 AM 7/3/96 -0500, Quentin Fennessy wrote:
>In article <4r11vl$23j@library.airnews.net> you write:
>>I saw on Lucent's Inferno web site that the beta release of Inferno is
>>scheduled for July. Does anyone know if a date has been set, or the
>>likelihood that it will be appearing next month?

>	Can you tell me where you saw the notice on a beta release?
>I cannot find it.

It's in the "Download Inferno" section of the Inferno web site at
http://www.lucent.com/inferno/download.html. The date has not been changed
to reflect the Aug. 1 release date that I heard about this week.