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Bell Labs Innovations Song


[Work in progress, thansk to Stanley Lieber for his help with the transcription]

Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Watson
Tedy Bell
George Campbell's wave filter
Calling ships ashore
Frank Jewett
Harrold Black
Negative feedback
Televisions, fax machines
More and more and more

Hifi talkies, movie sound
Laying copper by the pound
System engineering, quality control

Karl Jansky
Herbert Ives
Davisson wins Nobel Prize
First speech synthesis
Beethoven in stereo

Bell Labs Innovations
The communication for the next generation

Bell Labs Innovation
Our contribution to the revolution

.. Bucly
Mobile phones
Radar ..
GI Loans
... cellular
Voice spectrography
Claude Shannon
Richard ...
William ...

... William Phem

Transatlantic cable 

Non-blocking networks
Microcoding scheme
Outside masking solar cells
Transistors win the Nobel
Arthur and Charles, what a team
They invent the laser beam

Touch tone
Foil electric microphone

Digital transmission
Long distance dialing
First ever paging
Superconductivity, ion implantation
Magnetic bubble memories
Penzias and Wilson hear the Big Bang noise
Automated switchboards
Ever moving forward
... Switch
... added to its voice
Jhon ...
Ken ...  Unix

Quantum wheels

C Language

Fiber Optics will endure
Electron beam lithography

Thomas ...
Alfred Cho
Packet data bell
Double UVM?
Transmiting over microwaves
Solar power ..
Transistors getting so small, you can't even see them

All in one chip, if you please
Penzias and Wilson win the Nobel Prize
Bell Labs gets a new boss, by the name of Ian Ross
Lightwave goes long distance
Cellular gets digitized
S language
... data bus
Femtosecond pulses
Deep UV lithography
Software windows in a screen
Gigabite transmission seams
Tunable lasers
Programming ... sharp as a razor
Megabits on a chip 
First electro-optic switch
Atom doping
Transatlantic lightweight cable

Neural networks
Bucky balls

Data ... without the wires
Operating systems
Software methodologies
Optical crossconnect
... president
Bell Labs ... Lucent Technologies

Steven Chu wins Nobel
Transistors smaller than 200 atoms wide
X-ray, microcode
Imaging your frontal lobes
Circuits on plastic

Internet telephony
Microphones the size of peas
Stormer, Laughlin, Tsui win the Nobel Prize
Free space optics

Lucent's star is on the rise